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Tuesday, June 22

Rivalry week - again

The so-called national media is always running some poll asking about which is the best rivalry in the game, and invariably, Cubs-Cards always loses out to Yankees-Sox. Which always make me wonder out loud "C'mon, our rivalry is much better than when the Yankees play the WHITE SOX!"

Oh yeah, I forgot, the East Coast media just assumes that the Red Sox is the only Sox. The Sux matters less to them than they do to us.

Anyway, I figure these polls are nothing more than masturbation; to re-affirm in their East Coastish minds that their ball is the best ball.

But the truth be told, Yanks-BoSox is FAR more intense, for one reason - civility.

Cubs and Cardinal fans can be in the same room for more than 15 seconds without swinging at one another. There's a deep down desire to see our guys pound their guys, sure. And, lately, there seems to be more animosity coming from the actual participants than from the people in the stands, which is very cool. But there isn't any real hatred.

Actually, that kind of hatred is only shown at Comiskey during Cubs-Sux series.

If you can cross the Comiskey animosity with the historical competitiveness of the Cubs-Cards rivalry, you would have something approaching Yanks-Sawx. I mean, those people HATE each other wicked bad back there.

It just seems like we got done with these clowns. And now we go back there, and by next month, we'll be done with them. In the meantime, we haven't even SEEN the Brewers yet, so you know what that means? Three months of Lyle Overbay, 24/7. Whomever made this schedule really didn't give a rat's ass about the fans, did they?

These "Cardinal weeks" need to be spread out more throughout the season for maximum impact. It's hard to build up a full head of hatred when you just left there 15 days ago. We need a refractory build up our stuff, you know. To reload our gun.

So, once again...Let the games...begin.