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Wednesday, June 30

Maria Sharapova

It must be July, for America is watching women's tennis. I have received many requests for some pert-n-perky pics of Miss Maria.

I humbly request that you go out to Jake Potter's latest post on Desipio for the latest state-of-the-art about the so-called "new Anna".

There's a few problems I have with that:
1) The old Anna never won anything. The new Anna is five times the tennis player.
2) This girl is tall and skinny, and looks fairly intelligent. Anna, of course, was relatively more stacked and far dumber looking. To me, the whole point of ANNA was that it always appeared that she would suck your intestines out of your dickhole if you either a) were a Russian hockey player, b) a rock star, or c) had a decent pickup line and a little game.
3) Maria is only 17, and the usual conditions apply.