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Thursday, June 24

Just when we were feeling good about ourselves...

The bullpen spontaneously combusts!

Dusty left Mercker in too damn long. It was obvious from here, sitting in front of my TV box, that he didn't have it last night. But, what the hell, probably no matter WHO they threw out there, the Cardinals were going to come back. So Taguchi is gay, and shitty, and two nights ago was keepin' it real for Louisville...last night, he's ICHIRO!

The Cubs Bullpen...sending opposing batsmen to the Hall of Fame since 1933. Naturally, before that, there was no HOF.

I guess we really DO need Kerry Wood back, huh? Never forget, Glendon Rusch IS the best Glendon Rusch I know. In case you are reading this, and are NOT a baseball fan, to be a Glendon Rusch is never a good thing.

OOOh, but it was cool to see Michael Barrett melt down, huh? I've been telling you all along that he's got the red ass, and it was pulsating last night. To me, the pitches Mercker was bitching about were low. It was nothing more than the desperate pleas of someone who once had it, and has finally realized that he's lost it. One would think that Barrett would realize that he was jerking those pitches three inches north, thus it would not be worth the effort to argue, but he did. Of course, Stoney and the Grandson were bemoaning how horrible it was that he got thrown out, how it completely destroyed the offense, and basically blaming the loss on it.

For, in their eyes, a tired Michael Barrett would be better at catching a Kyle Farnsworth slider than a fresh Gabor (Paul) Bako.

And if that is true, then Bako should be released. Today. He can't hit, run, or throw. If he cannot even complete the most basic of a catcher's tasks, TO CATCH, then why is he wasting our air? I can't wait to go out to Desipio today to see how low the Bako-a-meter is registering.

Paul Bako's mother was a whore, his father sucked crap out of port-a-let's without the use of mechanical equipment, and his ancestors leading all the way back to the womb of civilization were all beggars, thieves, morons, cretins, lawyers, and drug-peddling scum.