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Friday, June 11

Hypersensitive fuckmullets, part deux

Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one. - Henry David Thoreau

Remember a couple of months ago, when I said that something bad was happening, and I was uncomfortable about it?

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I was thisclose to shitcanning this, because I was so discouraged?

I tried to put a finger on it, and ended up all over the place. But let's look at a few things that is going on in the world around us.

Certainly, the cretin who is in trouble because in his cartoon, he said that Ronald Reagan is at this point in time turning brown and crispy, ok, he deserves it. I observe his point - the whole State Funeral concept blows anyone under the age of 40 away.

I remember when, in one year, we lost Johnson, Truman and Eisenhower, and it seemed to me like all there was on the TV was some sort of hoo-ha about a dead president. But I know that cannot really be true, since that was also during Vietnam, the beginning of Watergate, and was Patty Hearst thrown in there, too? Don't remember, I was 8.

Anyway, the cretin needs to know that, when an ex-president dies, he deserves the royal treatment.

But let's look at who else is in trouble:

Larry Bird's in trouble, because he says that Blacks are better than Whites in basketball. He didn't offer the Jimmy The Greek argument. Just simply stated the fact.

Jimmy Kimmel's in trouble, too, for joking about the fact that they start fires in Detroit after they win championships.

Moises Alou's in trouble, for admitting that he pees on his hands. Not anyone else's hands, mind you. His own. He keeps his pee to himself.

Bill Parcells is in trouble too, even though he bracketed his statements, and used a term that his coordinator, NOT HIMSELF, uses to characterize trick plays. He even got in trouble for using the term 'oriental', although Webster his own self says 'oriental' is a frequently used descriptor for 'something from Asia'.

It's one thing to flame someone for bigotry, prejudice, hate, and malice. But to condemn someone for being merely UNCOUTH enough to stating a fact?

When humor cannot hide behind the truth, then we have completely lost our place as a society.

We have completely, and utterly lost our sense of humor in this country. After 9/11, a frequently used term used by comics was 'irony is dead'. They were trying to say that you couldn't be funny anymore, on any but the most sacchrine, superficial level. Why IS Jay Leno popular? Now, we know.

I was hoping that, like nearly everything else that has ever happened in the long history of man, that we would somehow learn to work our way past the outrage of 9/11. But maybe it's because NOBODY associated with this crime has been brought to justice, but we're still stuck in an overly politically correct, psychotically paranoid, red-assed mode of suffering.

People these days and that includes YOU guys who convulse every time I bring up Dubya's Imperial ways are less than one pea-whisker away from self-righteous indignation. You can't say shit anymore without getting buried in a pile of it.

C'mon, people? Is this what happens when you introduce "time-outs" as a substitute for corporal punishment? Is this a result of the AYSO and its insiduous effect on Generation X? It's the ultimate in conceit. Quit being so full of yourselves, and toughen up, take care of your responsibilities, and don't be so god damned belligerent and thin-skinned.

Leave that to the Sux fans.

In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. -- George Orwell