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Monday, June 21

Bill Clinton

You all know that I hates me some Dubya real fierce. So, it being human nature, I must confess that I was beginning to forget a little about how I felt about his predecessor, one William Jefferson Clinton.

Suffice to say, it all came flooding back to me last night during '60 Minutes'.

Ducking, dodging, not straight-answering, chuckling, knee-slapping, wrapping himself around his fake-assed down-home upbringing, as if the Rhodes Scholar wouldn't wipe his ass with the whole Arkansas thing if he could.

I could taste the puke in my mouth.

Who ya sleepin' with now, Slick Willie? I'm sure she's bumpy, plumpy, and gots a tounge piercing.

UPDATE: How the hell did we get back to Dubya? I'm talking about Mr. Teflon here, Mr. Cigar Aficinado himself.