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Friday, August 3

The Underground Cubs Bunker - V1.1

Version 1.1 of the Bunker does not include HD. Right now, I am "making do" with a 36" Sony Trinitron SD flat screen tube. HD will arrive in V2.0.

V2.0 will also include the bricking of the fireplace wall, the installation of ivy and the construction of a "basket" to catch the home runs.

The 360 Degree tour starts in the southwest corner of the room. The highlight here is probably the 1976 team photo, with the massive Jose Cardenal and Davey Rosello afros.

The west wall features the 1990 "Grace Under Pressure" Nike poster that Wendy got for me - I have no idea where she found it.

Further along on the west wall - someone Wendy works with is an in-law to Milt Pappas. He signed for me, and he looked at me funny, so I just said four words to him: "It Was A Strike". It was all good from there....

The northwest corner of the room features "The Boys of Zimmer" poster, signed by 19 of the 1989 Cubs, including Grace, Dawson, Dunston...and also Rick Wrona, Steve Wilson and, yes, Domingo Ramos!!!

The north wall features an actual blueprint from the 1996 scoreboard renovation. Mark Prior autograph picture was actually 'in residence' in the bathroom (aka the Sosa Room for Losers) but Wendy shamed me to moving it back into the main hall.

This portion of the north wall features my favorite piece, the 1985 Nike Ryne Sandberg "Cornerstone" poster. This is actually my second copy, some bitch slut whore ex-wife of mine threw my first one away. Hope she fucking chokes on her rosary beads.

An embarrassment of richers here on the northeast corner - the neon, the scoreboard, but the best - the version of Che Zambrano - "Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!"

Starting on the east wall - the wool 1908 banner, the picture of me and Kid K. God bless him, and let him finish out the year.

More on the east wall - the (now) poignant Shooter Beck autograph, Mr. Cub's autograph from the drunken 1977 Cubs Caravan tour through Goose Lake, IL ("That's the way to hit the books"), and a nice magazine ad from 1970 where Bill Hands and Jim Hickman are showing off their new International Harvester tractors.

Southeast corner - Santo's autograph, Wood's autograph, and the Old Style clock I stuck under my coat in that bar in Oglesby ;)

South wall - probably the barest in the room. Still got Ryno's autograph HOF bat; a 1948 Wheaties ad with Phil Cavaretta, and Marla Collins' autograph (Love, Marla!!!)

More south wall - a shitload of autographs - Z, Maddux, Fergie, Kessinger, Jody! Jody! but the Cubs sign with the old-time uniforms on it is still my favorite.

Stairwell corner now, a better picture of Z, along with Burt Hooton's autograph (Kenny Holtzman is on the North wall, so I have the last four no-hitters. I need Don Cardwell, I there a Toothpick Sam Jones out there?)

Admission is free, for now, so come out to lovely Corn Hole and lick a piece of Cubs History! Flash photography permitted!!

Anyway, I see the Duggars just popped out Number 17, so I will get the newsclipping off of AP and post it out here soon. Enjoy!