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Monday, January 16

The Top 5 Reasons Why the Bears Lost

Later on in the next couple of days, I plan to post my Cubs-related thoughts pertaining to the Kubs Kool-Aid Konvention on GROTA, and my non-baseball related thoughts right heah. But I just wanted to real quick list my top five reasons why the Bears lost last night, in order on increasing importance.

5) If or when the next time Rex Grossman gets to start a playoff game, he won't suffer from spastic colon for the first 25 minutes.

4) P'nut Tillman is THE most Overrated Bear, by far, and only one guy is remotely close.

3) That guy is Mike Brown, who makes great things happen when he's in there, but increasingly he isn't. The second best thing coaches like is guys that make plays. The best thing coaches like is knowing who they can count on. It was the punk move to sit out with an injury, and it hurt everyone else in the secondary, making who was left look terrible. If yer injury-prone, then management better look somewhere else to a more dependable guy. This also applies at quarterback.

2) Drafting Curtis Enis Benson instead of a wide receiver was the worst move Jerry Angelo has made since he took over the job. Lucky for him, this year, he won't be tormented over having a high draft pick.

1) The injury to Alex Brown that took him out of the game and eliminated the best pass rusher they have was the single worst problem the Bears suffered from yesterday...huh? He was there? Oh. I'm sorry.