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Thursday, January 12

Things like this make me wonder WHY in God's name we even bother

From Illinois, where they close the Dairy Queens from November to March.

The latest Islamic Hajj Stampede happened yesterday. Somebody dropped a suitcase, and hundreds of people died. And, no, the suitcase was not armed with plastic explosives, nails and shrapnel.

In case yer not up on yer Middle Eastern events, every year, over 2.5 MILLION people congregate to Mecca, which is about the size of Soldier Field. Well, everyone HAS to do the same things at the same time, and it seems like every year, there is a stampede. One year, someone yelled 'fire' in a tunnel, and thousands died. Another year, a bridge collapsed under the weight of about 100,000 people, which was about 50 times the weight the bridge was meant to hold. Thousands more died.

This year was the third time in 15 years that there was a stampede at the 'stoning ritual', where everybody at once mills about to one of 20 some pillars to another, and they each throw a stone at each pillar to ward off the devil. As you can see from the picture, there isn't a whole lot of area for the stones to land safely. It reminds me of the old joke about the Polish firing squad, who completely surrounded the condemned, opened fire, and shot each other to death.

Anyway, in the procession, somebody dropped a suitcase, and the resultant pileup killed a yet uncounted number of pilgrims.

Once again, let's review:
1) 2.5 million people, 99% of whom think that soap & deodorant are tools of the American devil, congregate every year in a town the size of Mayberry.
2) Every year, somebody does something completely trivial which ends up in the senseless death of masses of people.
3) These folks are all good with that.

The answer, of course, is that We're To Blame. Yep, it's the Evil Americans that kill the thousands of holy Islam pilgrims, just like we're to blame for everything. That's why they like to strap explosives on themselves and walk into police stations and restaurants and other public places, filled with THEIR OWN PEOPLE in nearly all cases, and blow themselves up.

Please, please, please. These people are from Fucking Mars. They're NOT like us. Can't we just leave them alone???