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Friday, January 6

No pictures yet again today

The big fat sweaty guys ARE done with the basement, it's just that they ended up staying pretty late again last night, and by the time we got down there, it was too late to put everything back the way it was, and take pictures for you all. I'll get the chance this weekend, I promise.

The Tribune is reporting this morning that there is an imminent trade of Corey Patterson to the Orioles for a minor leaguer who is "not one of the top five or six prospects" according to O's management. Well, there was a period of time this off-season where we all thought that he would be non-tendered on Dec. 20, but he was in fact offered arbitration, where he stood to make no LESS than 80% of $2.3M, which is over $1.8M. I mean, maybe he was worth nothing before 12/20, because you figured he was going to get let go, anyway. Just because they offered him the chance to make at least $1.8M this year, does that make him any more valuable?

I know some of you would be estatic to get ANY sort of a prospect for him. Others, including myself who have totally bought into the Corey Hype, might be royally pissed off at Hendry for flushing this guy away like this. My first reaction was mild anger, that this is all Hendry thinks he's worth. But considering that he absolutely CANNOT play for a laissez-faire manager like Dusty Baker, that a change of scenery for him is a good thing for all of us, and finally considering that in the oft chance that he is, in fact, Good, that he'll be good in the other league, maybe it isn't such a bad thing, and not worth a bitch.

What is worth a bitch today is Pat Robertson, and them like him.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a member of the Likud. I don't really know that much about Ariel Sharon, except that he seems like a guy who cares a lot about his country. He might be a raging asswipe. But to suggest, as Robertson did yesterday, that he deserved to suffer a massive stroke because he's involved with "separating God's Land, as it reads in the Bible", well, plainly that's just simple ignorance.

The MAIN thing I am completely, utterly fucking sick of in this country is the notion that "My Christianity is better than Your Christianity". What Would Jesus Do? I doubt that He would fucking wish harm upon someone because they didn't worship the same way He did. In fact, the Jesus I know, and the Christianity I know, preaches Tolerance, Forgiveness, and Acceptance along with Justice. And Truth, don't forget Truth. There are simply too many sons-a-bitches anymore who have been running scared since 9/11, and have been waving their Born Again choads in our faces, and making things difficult for all of us.

It's you intolerant fucks who have started ALL of the wars in this world, have stirred up ALL of the anger in this world, and in my mind, are the source of ALL of the evil in this world. Pat Robertson and his ilk are little different, in my mind, than al Qaida, the Taliban, and all the other religion-based terrorists in this world. Which is to say, all the terrorists in this world.