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Tuesday, January 3

A lifelong dream of mine came true

Yep, put me down with the nipple-piercin', tat-wearin', snuff-dippin' set.

Daddy bought hisself a neon sign! I've wanted one my whole life, and thanks to the Neon Store in bucolic Warrenville, IL, I now have one with my name on it.

In fact, the vast new Childish Underground Bunker/Sanctuary (I'll leave the acronym to you) will be COMPLETE in the next day or two. The toilet has been activated, I pick up the sign tomorrow, and the carpet shall be finished by tomorrow night. Hell yes I'll have pictures. It's been a labor of love for my wife and myself, and I thank her kindly for letting me have this space.

Considering that nearly every other square inch of the premises is covered by hearts, stars, angels, light oak and other assorted country craftsy shit in the three primary colors of the Country Craftsman pallette, maroon, forest green, and medium blue...oh well, at least I now have a place where a man can look around, and see man things.