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Wednesday, January 18

Just like Tommy, I'm glad Scrubs is back, too

Even ever since she was the substitute Becky on "Roseanne", I've always had a thang for Sarah Chalke. It must be some sort of running joke on the "Scrubs" set..."Do I have to lift my shirt up this week, or not?" They had a sweet little scene last night where she was parking with some guy, squirting honey on his chest out of a squeeze bottle, in her requisite bra...she really does have a cute rack. Not big at all, at all. "Scrubs", funny, smart, and Sarah's cute rack.

That's all for now.


You're still here? Why?

Oh. Yeah.

Chuck's wife's aunt and uncle lived on the same block as Markie Post once, and Markie Post, of course, is good friends with Sarah Chalke and plays her mom on "Scrubs" on a recurring basis.