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Wednesday, January 4

I'm shocked, Shocked, I tell ya

From the "Knew It All Along" file:

In the latest Vanity Fair, Lindsay Lojack gives an interview in which she admits the following:

- She has bullimia
- She took drugs
- When she was hospitalized last year for "exhaustion", it was really for a "swollen liver" and a kidney infection. Damn.

But what's probably the scariest thing about her lately is the cover of the magazine. Good lord, honey. True Redheads know all about Sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher. A few freckles on the face are cute. Millions of them all over your body are disgusting.

You might be a anti-one-bagger. If I were doing you, turn off all the lights, but shine a flashlight on your face, so I couldn't see nothin' else.

Ah, who am I kidding?