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Thursday, January 26

Don't get me wrong...I'm really not upset by this

The First Amendment and the Internet has opened the door for all Americans to be seen and heard. Very little anymore can remain secret. Asshats are uncovered and revealed in the hoary light of day.

There are fundamentalist fucksticks, cracker-ass humpmunkeys, hyperparanoid war-monger asswipes, lazy shiftless welfare sucktards, stupid kool-aid swilling robosheep, and then as I discovered today, there are lousy no-good proto-ethnic meth-smokin' shit-eatin' piss-swillin' Sux fan rectums to deal with.

As if you people didn't have something better to do? Don't you have to run to the Gas City to pick mama up another carton of smokes, or maybe rotate the tires on the trailer?