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Monday, November 7

The Playoffs continue

BREAKING NEWS: muchas gracias to The Dude, who points out the story o' the weekend about the two Carolina Panther cheerleaders who were arrested for causing a brawl in the women's john in a Tampa club. What was the source of the concern? They had the toilet locked...because they were gettin' it on! I'm trying to picture the logistics in my head, all this going on in a john probably the size of a linen closet.

Now, I'm not as much into the lezzie love as most of us pervs are...and although I'm gratified that both of these young lap lickers are white, neither one does much for me based on their mug shots. Hell, I've seen better heads on some of them German porns that always have the two skaggs working on some guy with a forehead the size of Mt. Rushmore. It's always the same script - blond sucks him off as the brunette eats out the blond, then they switch, then the blond goes reverse cowboy while the guy sucks the brunette's tits, then they switch, then the blond does anal while the brunette licks the stick for max lub-a-cation, then they switch, then they both kneel down while Dorko jacks off in their faces.


The Coalers manage to scrape up another playoff home game as they host Bloomington Central Catholic this weekend. The dogassed Morris Redskins did, too, but they get Joliet Central Catholic, instead...getting beaten like pups on their home turf...Good Times...

Hopefully the Good Times don't end this weekend, for the beloved Coaler will next have to travel to play 14-consecutive-year-state-champ Addison Driscoll on their consecrated ground. Too many Catholics to deal with.

Congrats to my cubicle buddy Shawn, as he and his lovely betrothed, Sara, jump de broom Friday afternoon. They've been living in sin for some time, though, so it won't be a total shock to his system. Just expect a little less of everything, mi amigo...

And now, the next bracket of the Grand All-Majestic Furious Five - Midwest Region

On yer left, the 14 seed, French model and actress, Josie Maran. On yer right, the 3 seed, "Wedding Crashers" babe and reigning champeen (redhead division), Isla Fisher.