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Thursday, November 17

I ain't dead

Or out having fun, or pouting over the Sux winning a world championship, or pouting because my kid isn't starting on his basketball team, or pouting because it is very very obvious to one and all that our Commander in Chief and the mystery VP who is dangling his puppet strings are both either too stupid to read between the lines, or what is more likely, have conspired to start a war for financial and/or personal gain, and have no desire to stop it.

No, I'm not pouting over any of that. I'm not pouting at all - in fact, life is just peachy. And real busy. I can't remember the last time I fucked off at work. All my free time is being spent either: 1) christmas shopping, 2) yelling at Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois, or 3) applying for a job closer to home, which would actually be ANY job in an 8,000 square mile basis bounded by approximately Beloit, Moline, and Bloomington, Illinois.

When and if we in fact get Kevin Mensch, or Rafael Furcal, or Juan Pierre, or even Scott Eyre, I will get in here and philosophize. For now, enjoy little miss Nadine Velazquez from "My Name is Earl". That IS da Latino Heat.

Fast Eddie Guerrero, R.I.P.....