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Tuesday, November 1

The always close 8 vs. 9 game

It appears that Megan has held court, and will advance to the next round!

Imagine MY surprise today upon finding out that there is a Brooke Burke AND a Brooke Burns. Something like this would necessitate a 8 vs. 9 seed matchup, so, without further adieu:

The one on the left, our 9 seed, is Burke, younger, not as sleezy, and probably most memorable to me as the host of "Dog Eat Dog". The 8 seed is Burns (I'm sorry for the NSFW, and there are lots of pics, but this was the hands-down best), and she's older, and more experienced. She of course hosted "Rock Star INXS", but she tends to stick in my mind as a participant in the surreal, amazing cheezy Burger King chicken sammich commercial with the corpse of Hootie (from the Blowfish)