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Friday, October 21

Newman, John: you missed the point

Mike D, I'm not sure where you were going.

I AM IN FAVOR of burning the camel jockeys in the name of psychological warfare.

I AM IN FAVOR of piling the morons up and taking pictures of them. What happened a month later? We captured Saddam, and we all cheered.

I AM IN FAVOR of doing whatever to the Koran.

In otherwords, I AM IN FAVOR of finding justice for 9/11, and the other terrorist attacks by Al Qaida.

The point is, you Bushtastic fucks, if you're going to do the crime, fess up to it. Don't go covering asses by lying about it. I would feel much better if some Star-Spangled jarhead with scrambled eggs all over his chest got in front of a microphone, and said:

"Yeah, we fuckin' burned dead Taliban. When you stop kidnapping and beheading ours, we'll stop wiping our asses on your Korans."

But we didn't, we pussed out, and lied. Just another day in the life of the Bush adminstration. Invade a country, pay Halliburton trillions to clean it up, and then deny everything.

The one thing I hate in this world is when somebody insults my intelligence by telling me I didn't see something when I did, which is the standard MO of this administration.

All you two managed to show me today is that you don't know how to read and interpret three paragraphs of reasonably spelled and syntactically correct material.