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Monday, October 31


Am I lying?

The Mighty Coalers were outstanding Friday night, gaining the ultimate revenge both on the scoreboard and the "soreboard" against the Hated Braidwood Comet. The records do not seem to favor the Coaler this weekend against undefeated Momence, but of course, Momence hosted the Corn Hole Trojans last year with an 8-1 record, on a cold, windy day, and we spanked them. How the hell did 5-4 Dunlap beat Momence at home? See, I told you they sucked. So I feel good for this weekend.

Favorite High School Football Teams:

1) Corn Hole Trojans
2) Black Lung Coalers
3) Whoever's playing Morris
4) Whoever's playing Spring Valley Hall

Memo to George Dergo: He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. One of these days, yer gonna leave yer boy in there for another of his 300 yard, 5 TD gorgefests in a typical Morris rout, and some blackhearted little bastard is gonna cut your son right in his fuckin' knees. I know where you're from, and the people you rep, but consider the source, and take it from me:

Have a Little Couth, Derg.