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Friday, October 21

THE Last Game of the Year, Bay-bee!

THIS is the one all of us sick bastards waits for.

Rivarly Week! This is where Stevenson plays Warren, when Naperville North plays Naperville Central, DG North plays DG South, and Mendota takes on Tolono and the big one in MY world, the upstanding, clean cut Coalers taken on the yellow-hammers from Wilmington.

Just kidding...hold I said, I will never forget just how cool it was that after Driscoll beat them in the Quarters last year, hundreds of Wildcat fans came over to our house for the Semis against Quincy ND, and rooted for US? Imagine that?!? It was cool, and my Wilmington hatred died that day.

The hatred started during the Damien Anderson days, when THEY had Division I talent running the ball, and we just had our usual. It really boiled over when my son was in sixth grade, and we played them in pee-wees. I swear to God, some of those kids were shaving, and brought their wives and kids in the vans they drove over. They didn't just shut us out, they didn't just annihilated us in the usual sense of the word, they actually DID annihilate us. After our fourth kid got hauled away in an ambulance, our coach threw in the towel with the whole 4th quarter left. The game was completely and utterly out of hand, due in no small part to the refs being spooked out by the parents of these little neanderthals screaming for more Coal City blood.

I REALLY hated Wilmington after that.

But that group was the group that graduated last year - the Vercelli, Friddle, Tanner Roark group. Fuck 'em and feed them fishheads. I have nothing against the kids in there now, even if they beat us, which is a distinct possibility.

On neutral ground, Wilmington beats us. I'm hoping that a major turnout at home tonight helps our guys, as well as the recent decision to play strong-armed sophomore J. T. Blaine at QB, to take the emphasis somewhat off of Zack Smith, the little long-haired boy who used to build K-nex all the time, who has over 1,000 yards rushing this year, all of them obtained in close quarters, as opposed to the open field. Yes, I have the right to get all watery-eyed over this.

My own son? I simply implored him not to get hurt against state-ranked Tolono tonight. I'm not going down there, a decision I think is best for both dad and son. He got fucked out of an all-conference mention, because I am pretty sure his coach didn't nominate him. The rest of the remaining offensive line members got at least Honorable Mention, which really fucking sucks since Nick is the only one out of the five who knows how to pass-block. But the genius who runs his team thinks Nick is insubordinate.

Uh, no. He's just too smart to jump feet first into your simplistic bullshit. Try wearing a pair of pants WITH a zipper, and a shirt WITHOUT one. Review yer precious game films, hammerhead. The guy NOT falling on his ass is Nick.