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Thursday, October 6

I don't wanna talk about baseball, so I'll talk music

Guess who just put out a new album? Guess who's gonna have to be installed as a permanent non-negotiable on the Grand All-Majestic in about two years? (If yer new here, this is Renee Olstead, teenage redheaded babe videostar)

Little things make me happy. Like Renee. And, like finally learning how to print out the contents of my mp3 player. I am just all full of happy for myself that I have a little thing that permits me to not have to listen to commercial radio, and gives me all the horrid trashy adolescent shit I listened to in the years 1978 to 1986, the Golden Age of the Sloth.

I'm afeared that I'm burying the needle on the "self indulgency meter", but permit me to list a few of the nugs I dug when I was a mere wee Sloth:

I Could Be Good For You, by "707"
Boogie Oogie Oogie, by "A Taste of Honey"
New York Groove, by Ace Frehley
Fantasy, by Aldo Nova
All Over Town, by "April Wine"
Electric Land, by "Bad Company"
Robert DeNiro's Waiting, by "Bananarama"

OK, that's the Best of Page one. Of twenty-nine. Big assed hairy Deal, you say, you gots you that 80's Channel on that there XM. Well, Mr. Man, I don't wanna pay for mah ray-de-oh, and besides, how many times can a guy listen to "Crush on You" before he starts smashing his car into Econovans full of nuns and foster children?

" did you know? 'cause I never told, you found out...I've gotta crush..on.. you!" AAAHHHAAHHHH!!

Let me read all this again.

Fuck!! This sucks. I don't know WHAT to say today. I mean, what the fuck can I say about the world today that you don't already know? Some scary lookin' dyke calls Dubya "the smartest man ever", probably with her fingers crossed behind her bony ass, and he nominates her for Supreme Court Justice...the end-all, be-all of Job Security.

Well, that, and the Pope. And Dictator of Haiti. And Casey Kasem's Top 40.

I guess I'll have to admit that I did stay up last night to catch the Sux score. THERE, THORN. Ya satisfied? It's early, awfully early. Twice in my lifetime, my favorite team has come within 5 outs of winning a pennant. But I gotta admit that it appears like Ozzie and his boys woke up the other day with the Lucky Horseshoe stuck up their ass. Yes, that Lucky Horseshoe. Where they seperate the men from the boys...with a crowbar.

Finally, a shout out to Wigs for sending me this mind-blowing site of every last word ever spoken on "Monty Python's Flying Circus". Just a random click in the site gave me:

Yes, yes. Now Mr Phipps, you do realize that the post of librarian carries with it certain very important responsibilities. I mean, there's the selection of books, the record library, and the art gallery. Now it seems to me that your greatest disadvantage is your lack of professional experience ... coupled with the fact that, uh, being a gorilla, you would tend to frighten people.