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Wednesday, October 26

I can't believe what I just saw....

I just can't enjoy this. Oh, it's not because I hate the Sox, because I don't. It just doesn't seem real to me.

Every time (Bears in '85, Bulls in '91, Sox today?) win a championship, it just seem completely surreal to me. I grew up and achieved a fairly ripe age believing that Chicago fans did not deserve to have a winner, and that it was impossible for a chicago team to win. Hell, the Super Bowl Bears threw me for such a loop that I went wandering down the center of a fairly busy thoroughfare (4th Street in Champaign, IL). I don't suppose that had anything to do with the plethora of party substances I ingested earlier that day.

I experienced similar disbelief when the MJ Bulls won their first title. This just didn't happen. Of course, after a while, we all grew a sense of entitlement about the Bulls. Is MJ playing? Oh, Well. They CAN'T lose.

So, watching every break, every bobble, every call, every event turn in favor of the White Sox, it just doesn't register. I honestly felt, and still at this moment, feel that I will NEVER see a Chicago team win a World Series. I can't even imagine what it would be like if I actually cared.

I guess the only reason why I would EVEN pull for the Sox is that they don't have Bags and the Beege on their team. The B&B Boys must be complete fags. Hell, Bags couldn't even stay married to the hotsie to yer left. Someone slapped the Beege's wife the other night? It was probably his boyfriend.