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Tuesday, August 9

You've all seen this billboard

Then you see the weasely wispy-goateed funky-glasses wearing gothsticks moaning about "how hideous" it is...I dunno, like these guys are just crawling with hott chix, that they can snoot down their noses at the ad, like it was some sort of personal affront.

Me, myself, you put Paris Hilton, the Olsen Twins, the Skeleton Formerly Known as Lindsay Lohan, Courteney Cox and, I dunno, Lara Flynn Boyle (yeech!) on a billboard in white bras and panties, that'd make ME sick.

Stacy, the one on the far right? She's hotter than hell...them thighs KILL, man!! I'd take a can of whip cream to her, and satisfy my man-sized appetite!

Just thought you all wanted to know MY slant on the Great Dove Soap Controversy.