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Wednesday, August 31

Whooo, you KNOW you have chaos when PC goes out the window!

Was wondering what in God's name I could possibly say today that would be of any value, when a friend at work pointed out the captions on these hurricane related photos.

First one

Second one

So, a long-standing notion that has been beaten into my white-trash brain since infancy has finally been verified on the internet.

Only black people "loot". White people "find things". They don't "loot".

Hmmm, somebody's a little frustrated with things out there today, it seems. We CAUGHTCHA here at the Sloth!! Nobody can be Uncouth on MY watch without my knowing about it!

Actually, it doesn't appear the two came from the same source. Shit...I thought I had a scoop, Racism and Prejudice Teem at AP!! I mean, following the follies in the swamp is way more rewarding than watching Dusty Baker keep trotting out the same old, tired, worthless fucks in his lineup every day.

What, in God's name, is playing Neifi Perez and Corey Patterson doing to help the advancement of this current shitty under-500 team? Play the kids, you dusty maggot! You aptly named, Dusty.