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Monday, August 15

When you ain't got much, a little seems like a lot

I know most of you are probably wondering who's writing this today, it's just me. I've decided to swill Kool-Aid this weekend, because beating the Cards three out of four is a good thing, even if we are like 20 games out.

And I'm also happy for Glendon Rusch, as he returns to the starting rotation for now, and judging from the looks of things, it may be the end of the Jerome Williams era, too.

Just trying my best to enjoy the little things in life. I don't recall whether I took one too many happy pills today. Perhaps I did. Or maybe it was the fact that I slept for 16 hours yesterday. I guess it's more accurate to state that I was awake for 8 hours. Subtract that, from 24, and you get.....