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Friday, August 12

Well, we got something today

The Tribune reported that Dusty Baker hinted yesterday that Greg Maddux might retire, a fact that Maddux's PR Director Barry Rozner bemoaned, and Ivy Chat Chuck also noted.

Look, Baker, you half-assed tax-dodging child-hiding-behind twit? Greg Fucking Maddux is going to the Hall of Fame, on the first ballot. Greg Fucking Maddux will have his uniform retired by two teams. Greg Fucking Maddux is either the first or second best pitcher since Bob Gibson, depending on how much you dig the last few years Clemens spent in Boston. Greg Maddux has been the ace of a pitching staff since YOU played, you psychotic rump roast!

When it comes time for Greg Maddux to hang them up, he WILL do it on his own terms, and he doesn't need some type of flim-flam sham artist to nudge his ass out the door, you pecker-headed flower child.

As for you, I agree 100% with Chuck's idea. We ALL know how much you love money, so to expect you to do the honorable thing, and walk away from this job, is pointless. You haven't TRIED to do your job since last September, and in a year where just a LITTLE bit of leadership and direction would have been so helpful, you've sat your pudgy ass behind your desk, and deflected blame like a true shitheel.

The 4 milldo for next year is spent, God help the Cubs. But we want a REAL manager running the club, and you sure as FUCK don't deserve to double dip, spending our hard-earned cash while you run the fucking Dodgers or something. So McFail needs to send your warm-lovin' ass to Siberia, scouting players in the CCCP League.

I'm sorry to say this, for there are many, many fine African-American people. At this point in time, it appears to me that Barack Obama might be our next president, and I do not oppose this at all. I work with several Black people, and they are all qualified. And there are many, many white trash folks who steal money, too. But I only have one name for a fraud who steals four million dollars a year, money that comes out of OUR pockets when we pay to watch our ballclub. You KNOW what letter it starts with.

Ahh, hell with it. Just get out of my face, you fuckin' dildo.