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Wednesday, August 10

Things I would rather do right now, than watch the dog-assed Cubs

- Go out right now and buy advance copies of the books the two insipid moron Jacko jurors are writing.
- Get into a pissing match on with "Mr. Death" and "Rick James"
- Chow down on a nice big bag of sour cream and clam chips
- Download the complete Air Supply library on limewire
- get it on with that "Runaway Bride" chick and her bug eyes
- on second thought, she DID have quite the imagination...maybe that WOULD be fun!
- volunteer to work on more Sarbanes-Oxley related projects
- sandpaper my rectum with a broken coke bottle
- loofah Jim Edmond's stretch marks
- sell menorahs and driedels in downtown Baghdad
- take some special needs kids on a ferris wheel

- manually ejaculate domesticated boars so that insemination could occur without the male and female boars thrashing each other to death
- shotgun a sheriff's deputy to death to help my black husband elude justice
- approve a $3 million "jumbo mortgage" for R.W. McQuarters