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Thursday, August 11

OK, so you don't like my Giada suggestion?

Somebody pointed out that I talked about her before...hey, like it's wrong to chat more than once about a hot Italian chick.

Ok, then, catch some reruns of "SuperNanny" on ABC. Now, she ain't a whole lot to look at, kind of, um, curvy. Frumpy, you might say.

But, c'mon, you wouldn't like to be wailing away on her, dog style, pushing her face into the pillows, and every once in a while, you pull her hair, lifting her face up and she turns to look back at you and says "You're being Very Naughty!" in her accent?

Then you smash her face back down! Bitch!!

You don't wanna do that??

Naaahhh...neither do I.