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Tuesday, August 9

My First Celebrity Fan!!

Joey Fortman, the morning chickee on Nine Fm in Chicago!!

Well, I think she's a celebrity.

--- wrote:

Hey! How are ya? Someone emailed me and said when
they googled me your site came I went to
check it out and I couldn't find the blog that you
had mentioned... how do I check it out! I'd love to
see what you wrote! =)

Do you listen to Nine FM? How cool...

Cubs fan, eh? haha.

Look forward to hear from you!

Joey Fortman

> Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2005 07:06 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Hello!
> Hi, Joey...this IS an honor. Yeah, I listen every
> day. I commute from the boons to the burbs, so I
> start with 92.5 and switch to 92.7 later.
> What had happened was that I was talking about the
> Bears "quiz" you guys offered a couple of weeks ago,
> and the fact that people kept guessing "12" when
> anybody should have figured the answer was "9".
> Anyway, Steve your co-host asked one of the callers to
> "say hi to Joey Fortman", and he said "Hello, George
> Foreman!!"
> On another station one time, Ernie Banks was asked to
> say hello to Ricky Hendron, State Representative, and
> instead Ernie said hello to Rickey Henderson, baseball
> player.
> So, I said the caller pulled an "Ernie Banks".
> Anyway, that exchange is probably in my archives for
> July by now. My website is
> It's mostly Cubs related, although since they suck so
> bad, now, other things leak in.
> Once again, the pleasure is all mine...and, if its ok,
> I'd like to tell the masses that you wrote...thanks!
> Sloth

--- wrote:

You are TOO CUTE! That is MORE of an honor to ME, that you listen!!

Yeah..Cubs DO suck right now. I had tix to today's game and sold them.
I couldn't get the $60 I paid for them they are soooo bad! ha. Oh
well. Thats what I get for waiting in the virtual waiting room before the
season started to get tix for the END of the season!!!

I learned something new...I didn't know Ernie Banks did that! I'm
trying to soak up all I can on the sports world. Needless to say, when I
first moved to Chicago...I was a TOTAL DUMB GIRL! Hopefully I get
things under raps before I'm too old to enjoy it!

Mt. Prospect huh? Are you a football fan? Starting with the first
Monday Night Football...I'm going to be at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Mt.
Prospect EVERY Monday'll have to swing in!

Thanks for listening Rob!! And ABSOLUTELY! Write about me anytime!!
((As long as its nice...haha.))

Have a great week...


Anyway, I asked her for a bigger pic, so hopefully she sees this and sends it along.

I have PEEPS now...whooooooo!