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Monday, August 22

Let's be honest here

Who is the one man most vistors to Wrigley Field come to see, even when the team is winning?

Hell, now that we're below .500, who is the one man nearly EVERY Cub fan comes to see?

Yep, the hard-working, thirst-quenching Beer Vendor!

Now, the Beer Gods of Wrigley unite in their new website, Beer Vendors, and I cordially invite all visitors to the Confines, recent or past, to come on out and find the guy (or gal) that popped your ice cold Bud or Dog Style. I'm talking to YOU, Mike D. and Oleg!!

If you don't find your guy on there, feel free to email them. A few of the guys didn't want to be part of the site (what, waiting for a better offer?) I've included the link on the left, under "Our Favorite Guys". I gots tha mad love for the site and the guys. Now, if you all see me, hook me up, ok?