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Friday, August 5

Just another milestone foretold by the Judgements of the Apocalypse

In a way, I'm glad to see the beat writers on both major papers are firmly, solidly OFF of the 2005 bandwagon, that even if Superman, Spiderman, and Cap'n America got on the bus with Nomar, Williamson, and Wood, the Cubs aren't winning JACK this year.

Even if Cap'n Tightpants got on the bus...and hey, he WAS available?

It is sad that all hope is gone, that even the shill on the company rag can't muster any enthusiasm, and I am NOT proud and happy about it. I just like knowing that I am on the right track, when I look at my tellyvision set, and I think I see crap. When Society as a Whole agrees with me, then I can relax and still feel like I know something about the game. For example, I Love seeing all of SoxFanDumb walking around aimlessly with their fingers stuck up their asses because their team loses a game or two. They can bitch that the sky is falling all they want, and they will look like complete asscracks in October, when their paid mercenaries win the AL Central by double digits.

At least, when we say the sky is falling, we have the fuckin' broke ceiling tiles to prove it.

My problem today is that all the news sources seem to think that Corey Patterson is coming back, since Hairston is going on the DL. He isn't ready, he still swings at anything clean, and we don't need his negative vibe on the team now.

This way, Cedeno doesn't get sent back down...I'm assuming that Baker is planning on keeping his two favorite beaners, Macias and Perez. Without Patterson, you still have at least one outfielder on the bench, along with Cedeno and two other infielders. I'd much rather see what Cedeno can do that deal with the same old shit out of Corey. I'd rather have Perez than Corey at this point. Shit, I'd rather have Macias than Corey at this point. I'd much rather have crotch-rot than Corey at this point.

Pitchingwise, it appears that today marks the end of Remlinger's stay in town. Wood will push somebody back to Iowa, either Meat Tray or Wuertz, but we need one slot on the 40-man to accomodate Williamson, and Sling Blade Mark is the guy. I think on the whole, he was disappointing, but most relievers are inconsistent, and we overpaid for him after a stellar year in Atlanta. We ain't the first nor the last to have done so. So the only two guys we could count on at the end of 2003 are now toast. Hard business.

BTW: what does Isla have to do with any of this? Why does it matter? If you can't see the wisdom on having pictures of hott redheads with they tits hanging out, then you and me can't be friends.