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Wednesday, August 24

Do something right for once, Dustbag

Maybe I was reading the papers wrong today, but it seemed like the writers were giving Dusty Baker some credit today for doing something right: namely, giving up the pipe-dream of winning in 2005, and using the rest of the year as an audition for 2006. But then again, I read it again, and it was more like the writers themselves were giving up on 2005, and assuming Dusty and Hendry were going to do the right thing, real soon.

So nothing profound has happened. The earth didn't spin off of its axis yesterday, a typhoon didn't drown an entire Asian nation yesterday, George Bush didn't wake up panic stricken about the ozone layer yesterday, and Dusty Baker didn't play the kids yesterday.

But, let's assume he will, soon.

Put Nomar on the DL. Let Woody get his surgery. Shut down Scott Williamson, he has said as much.

Trade Corey. Now. For a jar of pickles for the post-game spread. Or anything you can get for him. He has failed HIS audition for 2006 already. You KNOW Baker's ass HAD to ache to put Hairston out in CF last night.

Speaking of, let's get Hairston to a contender before 9/1. Ditto Hollandsworth. Both players are completely useless on a rebuilding team, but maybe on a contender, Holly starts getting them clutch pinch hits again, and Hairston can add a level of versatility.

Lawton hasn't shown me much, either, but then again, I wasn't expecting much. When he was brought over, and the papers branded him a leadoff man, it just added to my already brimming cup of cynicism. He's a leadoff man in that he's black, like many leadoff men, and that he's batted first before. Hey, I'm big, and white. Does that make me Brian Urlacher? Hell, I'd love to bang the skankiest women alive, but nobody's offering THAT to me.

Call me a Cub Fan, but I'm a real hustle dork, and I want to keep both Walker and Burnitz. Both have failed in the clutch several times this year, true. But IF we're going to have a Dusty team again next year, both of these guys try hard, police themselves, and can serve as an example for others.

We know that Baker has an ionic bond with Neifi and Macias. And, we know what them two Rhodes scholars can do. Let's get Cedeno, Pie, and Murton up here, now, and throw they ass out there. Let's also find out who we can bring up that can get guys out in the late innings.

Dusty, you CAN save yourself a shred of dignity here. For once, see reality for what it is. We will have some money this offseason, true. But all the King's money isn't going to buy us a veteran team you can ignore, because the market is bare. You HAVE to try the kids. If they play well, you can use them, or Hendry can trade them for the old guys you hold so dear.

But, for the next month, forget who you are and were. Take a back seat, here, and let the player evaluators do their job. That's what WE need, now.