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Thursday, August 4

Burn last night's game into your memory

Thanks to the Sports Guy, I now have Christina Applegate on the brain, and you guys have to deal with it. So deal with it.

The anniversary of my birth, which was yesterday, sucked wang, actually, and the Chicago Cubs deserve much of the credit for such wang suckage. I've been down on the field manager the last month or so, for good reason. I've also been down on the general manager for not getting the exact parts we need to make a real run at this thing, and for good reason. However, given the circumstances last night, the Cubs could have one-fifth the talent they currently have, and they still should have won that game.

When the season comes to an end, and whether you want to blame Dusty, Hendry, Bartman, or whomever, I want you to vividly remember what happened on August 3rd, and realize that this team, as comprised, doesn't deserve to win anything, and the fault squarely sits on the shoulders of the guys who play the game. Dusty shouldn't have to tell a big-league pitcher to cover first base. Dusty shouldn't have to tell a big-league catcher how to start a rundown. Dusty shouldn't have to tell big league hitters where the strike zone is, or the best way to make contact.

Dusty shouldn't have to tell big-league players how to move runners along, how to put them in scoring position, how to drive them in. This is something that you'd think they've been able to do at every level, or else they'd wouldn't be here.

With this talent, we should be much closer to the Cards. With this level of judgment displayed daily, we should be much closer to the cellar.