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Tuesday, August 30

Au Revioir to the Crimson Shin

If everything was fair in life, Todd Hollandsworth would have been traded to Shincinatti.

Ah, terrible puns inspired by kids' cartoons kill me!

Ah, what might have been last year, if only Todd had taken the precaution to wear a shinguard on his tender lower leg. I recall that he was in the process of cooling down after a red-hot month of filling in for Fat Sam, when he suffered his injury. I prefer to think that he would have been very valuable down the stretch last year.

I have always been in favor of his participation on the Cubs, as a reserve and pinch hitter extraordinare. He's no starter, as proven this year, he's the white Glenallen Hill. And who didn't LOVE Glenallen Hill?

Good luck, Todd. I anticipate seeing you raking muchly in the weeks ahead. I wish you could've done the same for us this year, but at least you stayed in one piece.