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Saturday, August 20

An All-Timer

I dunno if the whole "russian bride from the internet" thing is a hoax, I'm sure it is. But whatever it is, I'm on board.

I just came on today to pimp Ivy Chat. If you don't know, a certain Chuck Gitles of north suburban Chicago is the world's foremost authority on Anticoreypatism. Whether it be a lucky hunch, or more likely the result of many years of watching shit, thus making it easier for him to spot it, but he has tirelessly worked single-handedly to convert Cub Fan Universe of the validity of his beliefs.

Perhaps, someday, God willing and the creek rising, Corey Patterson may be a major-league caliber ballplayer. Just not here, not now.

So if it appears that last night's game gave him a Russian bride-grade chubby, I know him, and it's not really like that. But you have to give him credit for being ahead of the curve. It is hard to know talent, and I'm not saying he does. But he sure knows what ISN'T talent.