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Thursday, July 21

What if 103 guys were telling ME how to do my job every day?

I figure that's how many Cub bloggers actively operate on a daily basis, and at this point in time, even the most optimistic have come to understand that the team as comprised is insufficient. It would be great if Jim Hendry were required to read us all every day, maybe Chuck Wasserstrom could print them out and hand them to him first thing, kind of a "presidential-type" briefing.

I just wonder what would happen if he could accomplish the following three things:

1) Trade Corey Patterson. Even in Iowa, his continued presence in the organization has to have a negative effect on the current outfielders: "Is he coming back?" He more or less signed his
walking papers today, as far as I'm concerned.

He basically asserts that nobody has ever told him to shorten his swing, or widen his hitting base. In baseball terms, these are damning indictments, because both of these suggestions were obvious to the MOST BRAIN DAMAGED of Cub fans who watch him swim in his own feces every day. Either he's a pathological liar, or the Cub development system is both spineless and clueless.

I agree with Greg Couch, that it's a little of both.

2) Trade for Juan Pierre. This may involve #1, if so, the better, but it isn't a necessary condition. In fact, since Corey makes as much as Pierre, it's hard to see Florida going for this. The Fish aren't exactly BEGGING to trade their world-class leadoff man; we'll have to smack them flush with prospects. Many shiny new ones.

But we're not winning anything without him.

3) Give a package of Kotex to Kerry Wood, and settle on someone to PERMANENTLY take his place in the rotation.

Look, nobody loves 20 K's or Atlanta, October 2003 more than I do. But, as Chuck said today, these instances are the flukes. The injuries, the comebacks, the lack of control - those are the certainties. I don't necessarily agree with Chuck that it is necessary to obtain A. J. Burnett, for isn't he basically M.O.T.S.?

We need to cement someone in the rotation, be it Meat Tray, Rusch, The Iceman, The Curve, I don't care. Bite the bullet, write them in with Ink, and in the occassional times that Kerrie is well enough to pitch, let him spot start. For sure, Prior will need some time off until the day comes when the Cubs decide to let him be a man about his vocation. Wood will be our 11 million dollar spot starter and long relief man. The money's gone...might as well pay him and get what you can. You'd get more in a trade with Corey than you'd get for Wood.