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Thursday, July 28

Shit that drives me nuts

1) Waiting for the Cubs to make the one or two simple trades that may put us over the top.
2) Sitting in traffic while the morons in the front in the snarl-up slow down almost to a complete stop to GAWK at an accident. Jeezus Christ-o-mighty, this is the biggest hick town in the world. "Ah might get ta see a DEAD BODY!"

Of course, these are old, ancient gripes that you've heard before.

3) You've also heard this one before, but God damn...

...I was listening to Nine FM today (remember that) when they invited "Bears Fans" to call in for a simple trivia contest to win, get this, a free day of playing poker. Typical. Caller after caller buzzed in to answer the following multiple-choice question:

Native Texan Lovie Smith isn't playing favorites, but how many players from Texas schools are in his training camp this summer?

a) twelve
b) nine
c) seven

Well, the first FOUR callers chimed in (and one even pulled an Ernie Banks, when one of the DJs asked the caller to say hi to the other DJ, a Joey Fortman, the caller brightly bellowed "Hello, George Foreman!") and the first one guessed "seven". WRONG. The second one guessed "twelve". WRONG. The next two guessed "twelve", with one insisting he read it in the paper.

Look, remember what I said about it being NINE FM? If they offer a trivia question on:

How many tatoos were on the Virgin Mary's right hip?

a) twelve
b) nine
c) seven


It's called "context", people. When a radio station offers any kind of contest, it's going to tie back into themselves, somehow. The name of the radio station, once again, is NINE FM. If it were Jack FM, and they had a contest with a multiple choice question, and only one of the answers had the word "Jack" in it, it's a good bet to choose it FIRST, if you have any doubt whatsoever with the answer.

My gripe? I know it's painting with the broad, sloppy brush, but Bear fans are fucking stoopid.

At least, those that call into radio stations to win a gambling prize seem to be.