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Tuesday, July 12

Sad day for us all

Late reaction to the recent 8-game losing streak?

Not at all, at all. It was announced today that everyone's favorite Tiffani-Amber is no longer a Thiessen. She was married in a small, lavish ceremony in Cali.

I was shocked to learn that she hasn't been in all that many movies. I mean, my God, if you needed to cast a stunning woman who was familar with men everywhere, she's your gal, right? Especially if you needed her to speak. If speaking wasn't an issue, then maybe you go with a Krista Allen.

Quite simply, just one of the all-time great babes. An Uncouth Sloth tribute to Tiffani, and all other ditzy cheerleaders, real or imaginary, everywhere! Here's hoping for a short marriage with a amicable parting...