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Monday, July 25

Neifi saves Baker's job for now

Let's get the important stuff out of the way first. Saztronic done us a square with this link. I'm thinking we'd all appreciate his thinking of us.

Second of all, run, don't walk, to see "Wedding Crashers". Some called it a chick flick, but when Vince Vaughan gets jacked off underneath the dining room table during dinner, it can't be all wrong, can it?

Many of you know me well enough by now to understand that I would figure out pretty quick that Isla Fisher is right in my wheelhouse. Yes, she is, she even bumped her co-star, Rachel McAdams, out of the top spot on the All-Majestic Five. Uh huh, she sure did.

Now, I spent a good portion of the weekend defending my premise that as long as Dusty Baker is chewing his sticks in our dugout, that anything we win is in spite of his narcoleptic ass. Where was he in the 9th, when we tagged Luna out? Anyway, I also have stated that without a trade for a Juan Pierre-esque figure, the Cubs are dead in the water for 2005.

But last night, twice, it struck me that, even allowing for that possibility, that the year hinged on one play. It occurred first in the second inning, with two on base and Old Uncle Albie at the dish. I said out loud, "Here it is. If he gets a hit here, we'll be down at least four, and not only the game, but the season, is over". Well, we dodged one there.

Then in the ninth, we'd already given up the tying run, and the winning run in scoring position, I made the same claim. If we lose, box it up. We could trade for Ruth, Gehrig, and Mays, and it wouldn't make a shit. And it is so fucking sad when I have to agree with Joe Morgan, God almighty, I just had to go flush my ass out and wash my hands...but having BeerNutz bunt in the tenth is just plain ignorance!! In any lineup, there's eight guys who you could possibly justify bunting in that situation, but your cleanup-guy is not. He HAS to swing. So what happens? They walk Ramirez, the one guy you can count on. He pinches Barrett with Murton still on the bench, and he whiffs. Two outs, the great Neifi at the dish, and you just KNOW that if the Deadbirds hold us here, they'll strike quickly and deadly in their half of the 10th.

You know what happens next...Neifi kicks Al Reyes right in the testiculars, all of Dusty's "fine work" has been erased, and Cub World en-masse rightly celebrates a rare series win in the Toilet Bowl.

Winning, In Spite of Dusty. Sure, we can count of Neifi grand slams from here on out.