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Wednesday, July 13

I'm still not happy

And, Liz Phair is still slutty.

This IS the all-star break, right? Three off-days for the vast majority of the baseball world. The absolute perfect time to inform a ballplayer that instead of coming back to Tampa Bay or Oakland or Indianapolis on Thursday, that they should go to Chicago to join the Cubs' roster.

Today is the last day of said hiatus, and what do we know?

That Matt Murton is our left fielder, that Jerry Hairston is our center fielder, at least until Felix Pie feels better, or until the unfathomable happens; namely, Corey Patterson yanks his head out of his ass. THIS is all we need to erase a 10 game deficit between us and the playoffs?

Yawn. I'll keep looking for pictures of tits - you keep beating the drums for Austin Kearns, or Aubrey Huff, or some other moron with a fake-assed faux-sophisticated 70's soap opera name.