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Thursday, July 14

...and, the Danse of the Spectacularly Average marches on

The Cubs, after 88 games: 44-44. Well, assuming they don't cough this one up today. It should be ok, since LaTroy Hawkins is staying with his gay twin brother in San Francisco (whose name is, curiously enough, Joe).

Just a reminder, if you choose not do to anything to stop the roller coaster ride - up, down, up, down - the risk of breaking loose and plunging to a gruesome death is always lurking.

Is the fact that tamponhead Matt Murton is NOT the Golden Sombrero, Senor Corey, enough to save this offense? I know it would APPEAR so after the last four games. I dunno, it isn't enough to call me down from the ledge.

By the way, what does THIS picture do for you? My dick unzipped my trou ITSELF so he could have some stretchin' room...

I bet the websites for Russian brides just GROUND to a halt after this fucker got published...