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Friday, May 27

There are many so called 'Cub Fans' who sincerely need to fuck off

Case in point. A few months ago, somebody accused me of being a Desipio wannabe, in fact, it might be the same ass-chancre that I'm currently fighting with there as we speak.

Apex, Cindy Lee, and the rest of you mouth-breathing, bleating sheep: most WOMEN, and so-called men who like shopping a bit too much, would characterize a 'die-hard' fan as some mindless, spineless jellyfish who shows blind loyalty to their team, no matter what. They think they still have a chance when their team is down ten runs with one out left. In other words, these people play absolutely NO heed to statistics, probabilities, anamolies, trends, circumstances, and a hundred other ACTUAL, REAL traits that make up a competitive sporting event.

The problem I have with people like you is that you don't have to THINK, you don't have to KNOW the game, and you don't have to CONSIDER past performance. If your nine haven't gotten so much as a loud foul off of Pitcher X all day, there is no reason to logically assume that in the last inning, they will all of a sudden FIGURE OUT HOW TO HIT and score the seven runs needed to win the game. Pitcher X just didn't get LUCKY...either he's Real Good, or your team is Real Bad. But NONE of that concerns long as the beer is flowing, and the sun is shining, and all your girls are meeting at Yak-zies afterwards for wings....

You all know I have labored for YEARS, single-handedly at first, against the mindless, bleating sheep. I don't give a big rat fuck if the lemmings want to pack the place year in, year out, for their own sake. They'll see shitty baseball, and they won't care, ever, because the Cubs have last bats, and they'll win it then, and even if they don't, there's always tomorrow. Or next year.

It DOES matter than the Tribune has almost NO initiative to improve their product for the sake of improving profit, for they are at or near an optimum tangent on the profit curve already. They couldn't wedge another butt in the place, they sell out the additional seats they carve out in seconds, and they couldn't possibly sell another ad, t-shirt or jersey.

So WHY do they need to obtain someone who can actually lead off? Who gives a fuck? They sold out the season in MARCH...their work is done, here.

It's stupid motherfucking retards like you that fucking ruin it for people who really think, really know the game, and really matter.