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Thursday, March 3

Who needs them?

Oh well, I guess, if there was a bunch of bullies in your school, you know, real idiots who thought they were Better than everyone else, who made fun of all the dumb kids, the crippled kids, the kids from poor families who had to wear Kmart clothes, and the kids with poor complexions who looked like they would squirt like a mushy strawberry if you touched their faces...and for some ungodly reason, they took a liking to you?

If they'd ask you to join their little gang of insufferable assclowns, even though they'd spent the last 2 years laughing at You, bumping into you in the hallway without even attempting to flinch one iota...if they'd told you before that you weren't Good Enough, and you hated everything they were and everything they stood for? Would you come crawling with your tail dragging the floor, like a subservient whipped crack-addled cumslut? Would you become one of THEM?

Would you? Probably. You'd come Running!

So would Ron Santo, and I guess it's human nature, but its still kind of sad.

He and Gil Hodges, his Warm-n-fuzzy Noo Yawk equivalent, were 8 votes short yesterday for the HOF. Four of the current members couldn't even be bothered to mail in their ballot, and those non-votes COUNT! Granted, 4 is less than 8, but this kind of illustrates the attitude of many currently sitting in that "august" institution. I wonder if the lack of empathy, for that is the ONLY reason why a Ron Santo or Gil Hodges would be left out, comes from Bitterness from the way they themselves were installed.

By this, I mean the process where a Ryne Sandberg, the greatest middle infielder of his time, had to wait three years for induction, and Billy Williams, who was the equal of Hank Aaron and Willie Mays in his production in the '60s, waited longer than that. And, by no means, were these Cubs the only guys who had to suffer the indignity of not being "first ballot Hall of Famers".

I believe when you get in on the first try, it allows you to be far more magnanimous than if you felt you had to virtually scrape and crawl your way to the pinnacle. It makes you hold your ground far more zealously.

Mr. Santo, if by chance you or someone you are close to reads this, please accept my thoughts on your disappoinment, and please know that it is no disgrace, in fact, it may be a far more proud thing, to tell these assfucks to take their little Homo Club and shove it up their fucking asses!! Be confident in your place in the world, what you accomplished, and how you are regarded by all of Cub Fandom.

And, one other thing? I realize your announcing job is your lifeline. It wouldn't hurt you, though, to go part-time, huh? Maybe just home games and short trips? You'd still feel involved...honest?