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Wednesday, March 9

This is really unnecessary

Don’t assume just because Congress is the highest form of government in the land, that they aren’t above a little sleazy, tawdry voyeurism.

God only knows, if SamMe Sofa stepped into a bottomless fissure in the Earth, and during his eternal fall from grace into Hell, he was repeatedly buggered by former rock stars who dyed their skin white, I would be just fine with that.

But is it really necessary for Congress to fucking subpoena him, Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds and others to testify about steroids? What is the purpose of this? It’s not complicated…these guys played baseball, and all of a sudden, they got real huge, hit a lot of home runs. Maybe they took steroids, maybe they didn’t. It was at the time illegal to possess such drugs on American soil, but it wasn’t illegal to have them in their system as they played in the majors.

Little by little, the game is cracking down on their use, and while there is still a long way to go, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the rules will go back to the way they were in 1998. The rules will either stay as they are now, or they will become MORE stringent.

As for the men involved, chances are, they are either no longer using any drugs designed to build larger muscles, or if they are, it is probably part of a process so complicated and in front of the curve, that members of Congress would not be able to properly and completely craft a line of questioning that would totally nail down the current use, which gives these guys a chance to squirm their way out of the trap.

Or, in the case of Sammy Sosa, convicted fraud, cheat, and wife-beater, he would simply lie his way out.

So what’s the point of the congressional subpoena? It seems to me to be little more than an unhealthy case of nosiness. Unprecedented? Hardly…when they were trying to pin Slick Willie Clinton down for abusing his powers of office, did they really HAVE to publish a brief detailing the activities of Willie and BlowJob Monica to the most debauched levels? When they were trying to determine Clarence Thomas’ fitness for his job as Supreme Court Justice, did they really HAVE to outline his video viewing habits? Ol’ Clarence likes to see skank ho’s get impaled by big long dicks? Who REALLY needs to know that?

Raffy Palmiero is no doubt besides himself because he is going to have to spend his wife’s birthday testifying before Congress. I hope to God that he isn’t forced to come back to Washington on Cindy Sandberg’s b-day for further testimony. That would just totally FUCK up his entire year….