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Wednesday, March 16

Things I am sick of

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s completely had their fill of “steroids in baseball”. In fact, at this point, is there ANYONE who really still feels the need to poke this dead mule? I mean, anyone who isn’t a lawyer making money off of the deal?

I’m completely fed up with the annual spring training ritual of “What’s Wrong With Kerry and Mark?” Top shelf athletes are coddled and babied from the first notion that they may have a special level of ability. Since junior high, these two have been told how special they are, that they need to protect their gift.

I’m also tired of the notion that what THEY do can’t be compared with what I do. No, millions of people don’t watch me every day as I surf the net looking for Cubs news, arguing with TJBrown on Desipio, and occasionally design, build, and maintain management information systems. But I come to work every day, even though I suffer from moderate to severe anxiety attacks, migraine headaches, and a whole raft of minor mental ailments resulting from not getting proper rest. I can’t give 100% every day…in fact, I honestly can’t remember a day when I was completely whole.

But I was raised to honor my commitments, to meet my responsibilities, to do the best I could. I don’t mean to hold myself up as UNIQUE…hell, no. Everyone living in the cubes that surround me are dealing with some sort of hurdle that keeps them from being as sharp as they could be. But nobody coddled any of us, and told us that it was ok to call in sick, just because we had trouble focusing our eyes after an extended session of staring at the CRT.

What else? Well, I’m sick of hearing about the vaunted Cubs farm system. I was led to believe that there were legions of fine young arms ripening on the vines, to the point that we could afford to lose two of them via the Rule V draft. Sooooo…if we’re wondering if Wood and Prior will be able to start the season, should I expect to be able to plug in a couple of the best and brightest?

So what do we get? We’re told that Guzman isn’t quite ready, perhaps you’d like Sergio Mitre? The Meat Tray was never one of the ‘touted prospects’. I’m not sure WHERE he came from, and the only thing I can see that is keeping him in doubleknits is that Dusty likes his ‘California Cool’ attitude. Wellemeyer and Leicester are bullpen fodder, and nobody else is even mentioned. Where’s all the surplus young guns? 9 of the last ten drafts have been completely pitching heavy…and I’m not seeing the tidal wave of young arms itching to take advantage, now that there are questions about Wood and Prior.

To me, this is a total indictment of the minor league developmental process. Most of these guys were ‘can’t miss’ when drafted, and from Prior on down, there is no end to the variety of excuses offered up by Cubs Management. The Cubs’ farm system was the toast of the league two-three years ago. Shouldn’t I expect some fruit by now?

Finally, I’m sick and tired of political correctness. In the old days, if there was a drunk, or lunatic, in the corner muttering filth, you just walked away. These days, we all feel like we’re empowered to hand him a lesson on civility, as well as a dissertation on the social and financial costs of the damage his filth is waging on our little ears.

TV and radios are all equipped with tuning knobs, and internet browsers are equipped to the hilt with filters, safeguards, proxies, and the good old “back button”. If you don’t like what you’re seeing or hearing, go somewhere else, where namby pambies like you are welcomed, and cute little snow white ponies gallop in cotton candy pastures.