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Tuesday, March 22

Quien es mas macho?

El Joe Borowski, who broke his bare hand trying to stop a batted ball

El Mark Buerhle, who broke his foot shagging flies

El Mark Prior, who inflamed his ulnar nerve throwing a baseball

El La whatever…Michael Jackson, who has been hospitalized with such ailments as the flu, which has caused him to be late to his own sexual abuse trial three times.

I mean, shiiiit, if you or me were late once, we’d get thrown in the slam. Guess money talks.

Or, of course, the judge figured that Wacko would LIKE being locked up with a bunch of men who are inclined towards gay sex.

If he’s found guilty, I don’t think he should go to jail. They should put a bunny suit on him, smear cow blood all over him, and let him loose in the woods in some Red state somewhere.