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Thursday, March 31


If you average out what me, the Pope, and the late Terri Schiavo had for breakfast today, it would be a nice little repast of 250 calories and 17 grams of fat per person.

Yes, I had a Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich today, which I will always affectionately refer to as a "Grabber". It was one tastee sammich, although it wasn't the most gluttonous thing I've ever eaten. I'm not even sure I'd do it again, though. 50 grams of fat ain't nothing to sneeze at.

Speaking of gluttony, Roger Ebert gives "Sin City" four stars, and mentions that it has so much nudity that "you'd think the 70's had survived". Well, then consider that it features Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy, Jamie King, Carla Gugino, AND Rosario Dawson playing hookers...damn, THAT's a feast.

More later, I just got told to put out a fire. Live Large and Prosper!