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Wednesday, March 23

Final Four Picks

I am currently in the middle of the pack on the one NCAA pool I did enter, and I made a mistake when I posted. I meant to have Gonzaga in the Final 8, but I had Louisville beating them on the sheet on my desk, but I have Gonzaga in my Final 4 on the Desipio pool. Oh well, that really doesn't matter that much, for the rest of my Alberquerque region is an "Andromeda Strain"-level nightmare.

Other than that, I am looking forward to the Illini beating whomever straggles out of New Mexico, and I am also still waiting with baited breath for the big-ACC slugfest between fellow blue North Carolinian schools Dook and UNC, with Coach K losing to my Fighting Illini in the finals, 65-50.


I was hoping I would wake up this morning to the news that it was all a big hoo-hah, that Reg'lar Joe's wrist was not broken, kinda like how Mark Buerhle's foot isn't broken anymore. No such luck, there weren't millions of South Side Irish praying for Joe's wrist like they were for Mark's foot. A miracle has occurred on the South Side. A-a-a-a-men, Alleluia...

Maybe they're the bunch poised to end their own decades-old curse. Right now, that's how I'm leaning. It's gonna be a L-O-O-O-O-O-NG know, people who snort crystal meth can stay up 48-72 hours straight ripping on Cub fans