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Wednesday, March 9

Feel better about yourself!!

I'm going to sound like that broad in the anxiety center ads, but look...most of us have been through some tough times...some down times. Sometimes, you feel overwhelmed, you feel insignificant, you feel disappointed in yourself that you haven't amounted to more.

Maybe the love of your life is doing a cop in the parking lot of your neighborhood donut shop. Maybe you got fired from a high-paying gig for peeping oral porn on the job. Perhaps you were born under circumstances that, no matter how hard you have tried, you cannot ever seem to break through.

For sure, you all are fans of the most frustrating team in American organized sport.

But please remember, before you take that last step off the side of the pier, please know that no matter what, you haven't sunk as low as THIS guy to the left.

From playing catch with Dan Marino, to playing stuid songs wearing a gay western outfit, in close proximity to the total fucking FREAK wearing the big plastic Burger King head.

No matter how low you go, friends, you don't ever have to admit you did THIS!