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Wednesday, January 26

Young stuff alert

Today is a writer's block day. I have so much swirling around in my head (the demise of Charles Martin, infamous Packer bodyslammer; the SunnyTimes and the Trib posting completely conflicting viewpoints about the futures of Sammy Sosa and Maggs Ordonez; the severe butt-whuppin' the Orange Crush laid on Bucky badger; the 37 American soldiers lost today in Iraq, and Dubya's wish for $80 Billion to continue the swindle; and last and certainly least, the return of "Jack and Bobby") that I can't build a straight train of thought. I will, however, follow through with a recommendation made by Jake Potter of Crap Fiesta.

Not all LPGA golfers are Top Position dykes. Young Aussie Q-School qualifier Anna Rawson got herself the same webmaster, it seems, as young ex-poledancer Mrs. Kris Benson. Must be an Anna thang.

Anyway, thanx Jake. Enjoy!