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Wednesday, January 5

What to believe about the Carlos Beltran negotiations

Apparently, nothing.

One local paper says the Cubs have made an offer. The other says they haven't, and in fact, the notion of ever making him a Cub is dead. ESPN quotes The Evil Agent Bore-ass as saying "that all teams in the running have made (some kind of) offer." Presumably, whenever anyone talks about Teams In The Running, the Cubs would be amongst them. Ergo, the Cubs made an offer.

One source says the Mutts offered $121M. Another, $119M. Yet another, "around $100M".

Please keep in mind, Boras is the Minister of Misinformation. As all true forces of Evil are, he thrives on chaos, and actively fosters disorder. How else did he force the Rangers to bid AGAINST THEMSELVES for A-Wad a few years back? He has lied, falsified, misled, fibbed, and just plain spit shit in this regard, and thus it is impossible to actually follow progress just by reading papers, watching SportsCenter, or any other means known to mere mortal men. So, who knows WHAT the fuck the Cubs are doing about the current Best Free Agent in Baseball?

The Johnny-cum-latelys among us sleep soundly, confident in the knowledge that their Hero, Jim Hendry, will get the job done, and provide us with an outfield we all can be proud of. However, the twisted grizzled vets just assume that this incident will play out like the Rolen sweepstakes, the Piazza deal, etc., with the Management in the ivory tower making a token offer just to appease us.

Me? I think they're going to go hard for him. I hope they realize, as I do, that their biggest competition is Houston, not the Mutts, therefore they will need to act quickly, since Houston's deadline for signing their current free agent is THIS Saturday.

Yes, thank God, the Beltran Sweepstakes will be DONE this weekend. We can then go on with the rest of our lives....